Bring the Presentation Center to the Buyer.

Showcase and experience residential and commercial properties, in real-time:

  • Device Agnostic (5″ devices to 82″ screens)
  • Detailed Tracking and Reporting
  • CRM Integrated
  • 3D Virtual Tours and Floor Plans
  • Chat
  • Augmented Reality

Assemble Properties

Upload marketing assets: copy, imagery, videos and floor plans.

Showcase Up-to-date Information

Provide news feeds, available units and spaces.

Collect Data and Leads

Track usage and collect leads effortlessly.

Tracking and Reporting

Knowledge is power! Understand usage patterns and learn about unit, floor and location popularity. UrbanForm is also capable of tracking multiple usage events and selections including: menu items, devices, geo-location and leads submitted directly by potential buyers.

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Interactive 360o Tour

Explore buildings in 360o inside and out. UrbanForm allows you to experience properties in true to life detail by gliding through 3D floor plans while interacting with furnished condo units or commercial spaces.

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Augmented Reality (AR)

Bring properties to life and interact with them using blueprints, brochures and business cards. It’s as simple as aiming your tablet or smart-phone and watching as a detailed 3D structure rises from it.

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Interested in showcasing a condo or commercial building?

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