Intelligent software by design

We develop industry / device agnostic solutions.

We are highly experienced in kiosk and touch-screen software development.

We invented, planned, designed and developed award winning solutions. Contact us and we will translate your static environment into a modern, interactive hub that not only attract consumers but increase operational efficiencies and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Here are some of the industries we worked with:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Government
  • Banking

Application Types

We provide an array of applications for different verticals, allowing you to track usage and update content in real-time using a content management system. Each application can vary in accessibility levels, interaction and device type. Install a digital solution and enhance your space.

Retail Promotional Tools

Showcase your products using intuitive interfaces, via kiosks, touch-screens and mobile devices. e,g., change product colors or spin cars in 3D.

Building Directories

Are you still using static tenant printouts? You can have an interactive up-to-date tenant directory screen instead and modernize your building.

Donor Recognition Walls

Honor and recognize donors using interactive slides and videos on a large screen format or a tablet.

Information Boards

Showcase information slides and schedules at a medical office, brokerage or a lobby of an office building or condominium.

Educational Tools

Showcase step by step interactive tutorials for your business solutions.

Get the right solution for your business.

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